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& Updates An Up-and-Coming Innovation in Web Monetization

When it comes to making money on the Internet, having a monetized website, blog, or YouTube channel
turns hits into profits, traffic into earnings. But as of late, the ways in which content creators can earn
money are limited and come at a cost to the user experience.
However, revolutionizes web monetization by offering a subscription service that will directly
pay content creators based on the time visitors spend on website pages. Coil makes traditional online ads
appear incredibly burdensome and looks to make other forms of online ads completely irrelevant.

What is Coil and how does it work?
In the past, the best ways to monetize a site were third party ads, a paywall, or through affiliate marketing.
All of these depend on high site traffic, so historically it’s been easier for big sites to make money online,
but more difficult for smaller sites.
These methods of advertising also tend to dampen user experience. Ads that pop-up or fill sidebars are
annoying and interfere with the aesthetics of a beautiful website and great content. Paywalls are
frustrating, and nobody wants to read a blog post chock full of affiliate links.
Coil looks to push past all of this overhead and directly pay content creators based on how much time
visitors spend actually consuming content. A consumer can subscribe to Coil and pay a flat subscription
fee; then when they visit a site that uses Coil, the creator is paid (using XRP) in micropayments and in
real-time, based on how much time visitors spent on each page.

How does it affect online ads?
Coil is accepting a limited number of sites to be on the ground floor of this revolutionary new method of
web monetization. Eventually, consumers will be able to pay a subscription fee and, when they visit a site
that uses Coil, they’ll be able to enjoy content with fewer — if any — ads and not be restricted by
paywalls. Content sites can also choose to reward their Coil-subscribing visitors with more content,
special features, and the removal of ads from their site entirely.

A dramatic change in online advertising
With Coil, online ads aren’t necessary — if a site uses Coil, it won’t depend on the revenue from online
ads. Content creators will simply be able to focus on creating great content that will keep visitors on their
pages for longer amounts of time. In other words, creators will be financially rewarded based on the
consumption of their product — content.
Content creators will get to see the impact of their work and how it’s being received by the consumer
based on how much they’re compensated for the visitor’s time. Ads as a source of revenue will take a
backseat to content that catches the attention of the consumer. An up-and-coming innovation
Coil looks to upset the field of web monetization by providing a service that could potentially make
online ads obsolete. By providing content creators with a platform for payment based on the time visitors
spend reading and engaging with content, Coil is helping to promote a market where good content is
rewarded and valued, and online ads are a mere afterthought when it comes to web monetization.