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Content is king – that’s what we say at BlueEdge. It’s vitally important, most certainly for building brand presence and keeping your brand visible online. However, there’s lots of poor content out there and the type of content that puts people off buying or using products and services.

Getting it right is the key to a successful online business but it’s not easy, especially if it doesn’t come naturally and there are lots of technicalities that need to be addressed to make sure online content is perfectly executed.

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Engaging SEO optimized text that will keep your clients’ attention and confidence is just a few clicks away. 

We have a team of exceptional thinkers, with the creative skills to turn dry, dull content into something that jumps off the page! Our research skills are extraordinary, and we check and double check our facts before we submit something that your audience wants to read.

We leave no stone uncovered to make sure your copy stands out from a very crowded marketplace. So for copy that tells an exciting, interesting and engaging story – you know who to call!

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This is different to web content. This means writing your website from scratch. Preparing all the pages, the headers, the sub-headers, the calls to action and making sure it is SEO-friendly while reading naturally. We can write in any style, from formal to really laid back. Tell us what you want and we’ll do it, or we’ll make a suggestion as to the right style for your business.


This is more about adding content to your pages to keep them up-to-date and fresh. Sometimes, it could be in the form of a blog or a newsletter but mostly, to stay on top of Google, it’s about providing fresh, fun content to keep your audience engaged and your brand at the forefront of their minds.


This is one of the best ways of adding content to a website. By chatting about your products and services (or even chatting about anything else but linking it back to what you do), you keep your content fresh and you build a community of people that visit your blog regularly.


Want to sell your product and service to your database? We will compile a stunning email campaign that guarantees your customers will read it and generate leads. An email marketing campaign is a great way of directing traffic to your website, see what it could do for your business.


Social media copy is different because it is usually short and sweet but to the point. We specialize in all types of social media, working with almost every platform imaginable and we can develop a fantastic social media campaign with engaging, interesting and informative copy that makes your audience sit up and take notice.


This is useful because it keeps your audience up-to-date on your company, new products, new services and can also link to a piece of news on your blog while directing traffic back to your website. We love newsletters because by encouraging your customers to open them, you can also direct them to a special offer and boost your sales too!

Press release

While press releases are generally offline, there are plenty that end up online. A press release needs a professional to tell a story in a newsworthy manner. We specialize in press releases and have a database of press contacts so speak to our copywriters and see what they recommend for your big news story.


There’s nothing worse than a boring product description. Copy helps you to entice your customer and makes them feel that they can’t live without what you’ve got! We create perfectly written, beautifully descriptive product descriptions that sing…


Of course, you might already have copy but it may not be doing what you want it to do – sell your product or service. We can edit and proof your copy, suggest the changes you need to bring it up-to-date and ensure the grammar and punctuation is spot on.


How long does it take to turn around copy?

We get asked this A LOT. It depends on the quantity of copy. If it’s a large website (approximately 3,000 words +) then allow for two weeks to include changes. However, it always depends on our copywriters’ schedules, they’re so good at what they do, they’re constantly in demand!

Do you allow for changes?

We will give you a fixed price cost for your copywriting project that allows for two sets of amendments. If you need more changes, discuss it with our team and we’ll work out an affordable price.

Can I book a series of pieces?

Yes – we love large projects and it’s often more cost-effective to book bulk work in advance.

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