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Facebook Ads for Direct Sales

It’s no secret that Facebook has massive potential as a business tool. The platform has an average of 2 billion monthly users who spend at least half an hour scrolling or otherwise using the network every single day. 

There is a plethora of tools that make direct sales via Facebook even more powerful and productive. It’s no wonder that one in four sellers are already using the platform to sell their products. 

Facebook Metric Tools

One thing that makes Facebook so powerful and potent for businesses is the metric tools available for use with ads. Using the Ads Manager, Facebook will tell you how many people are looking at your ads, if they’re engaging, and specifically what they’re engaging with. You’re also able to tell who is taking the next step and purchasing products or at least visiting your website. It matters how many people engage with your posts and how well, as this helps determine how well your ads perform in News Feeds. 

Creating Quality Content 

Creating quality content when you’re using Facebook for direct sales is crucial. Resist overly salesy language — instead, focus on how your product will benefit the user’s life. How will this item positively impact and improve their lives? This is what people care about, and this is what makes them engage with a post with a follow, a like, a share, or a website click. 

Direct Sales and Facebook 

Facebook also makes it easy for businesses to set up their accounts for direct sales. You’ll see results with an optimized page and by producing content that generates high-quality engagement. Facebook business pages have a “Shop” option where you can add products and descriptions, as well as a button that directs the user to check out and purchase at your website. This also allows users to save, share, and send your products to others across the platform. Not only does Facebook allow you to make your product easily accessible to those interested in buying, but it’s also easy for your audience to save and share to purchase at a later date! 

Work with Social Media Marketing Experts at BE 

Facebook for direct sales and Facebook ads in general have the potential to dramatically up-level your business and help you hit sales goals… if you know how to wield these tools successfully. There’s certainly a learning curve and few have the time or skills necessary to employ them to their full potential while also keeping up with other business obligations. 

The experts at Blue Edge Business Solutions can help you set up, optimize, and fully-brand your social media accounts, and create a marketing strategy customized for your business. We also create content calendars to reach your audience and boost the engagement necessary for success in social media marketing. 

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