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Facebook Ads for Small Business

One of the best ways to tap into your market with precision is to run Facebook ads for your small business. Facebook ads allow targeting parameters down to the most specific qualities of your audience demographic and offer a slew of opportunities for creating visibly attractive ads. 

But Facebook ads can be a behemoth to learn and figure out on your own. Here’s a handy, comprehensive guide for the basics of Facebook ads for small businesses. 

Why Facebook ads? 

First of all, why run Facebook ads? The easy answer is simply because that’s where your audience is! There are over 1 billion people on Facebook — and Facebook is a platform that offers you tools to send your unique message to your ideal buyer. Create an ad that speaks to your audience, and then target multiple audiences with precision down to basic demographic information like age, location, and education to even more specific targeting parameters like interests, hobbies, and occupation. Why wouldn’t you want to use this tool for direct sales, lead generation, and more?

Instagram ads 

Why mention Instagram ads in the same breath as Facebook ads? Because the two platforms are inextricably linked. You can run the same ads on both platforms, or you can prioritize images and video on Instagram since the platform is clearly more favorable to the visual. IGTV and stories also give you the versatility of various mediums within the same platform to reach different audiences with your unique message. 

Facebook ads for direct sales and lead generation 

It’s not hard to take direct sales or lead generation to the next level with Facebook ads. When selling directly to the consumer, Facebook ads give you the power to target your specific audience, make available special offers, and showcase your product in its absolute best light with photo and video. You can even target product launches to your desired demographic and website visitors. 

When it comes to generating leads, Facebook ads give you the tools you need to target and attract your ideal customer. Creating a lead magnet (a downloadable guide or free webinar) that requires the interested party to enter their email address in exchange for the valuable content is the best way to gather leads quickly from Facebook. Create an ad that promotes your lead magnet, and then promote it heavily to your targeted audience — which again can be as specific as you like. 

The cost of Facebook ads 

The average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads is generally around $0.27 per click. But there is so much more that goes into determining the reach of your ads and ultimately, how far your ad spend will go. Your ad objective plays a role, as does your bid, as Facebook will ultimately show ads to users that provide the greatest value.

Blue Edge Business Solutions: The FB Ad Pros 

Facebook ads can be a costly experiment if you’re unfamiliar with how to make them truly effective for your small business. Blue Edge Business solutions can help you make the most of your ad spend budget with a custom social media marketing strategy!