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How to Prepare Your E-Commerce Product Launch Campaign

Do you have a great product you’re ready to launch out into the world? Likely, you’ve done the heavy lifting of market research and product development to perfect your e-commerce product. Now, after months (maybe even years?) of product development and research, you’re ready to share your product with consumers via an e-commerce site. Congratulations! That’s no small feat.

E-commerce product launches are different than other products and services in that they require thoughtful and planned communication with your prospects and current customers. While there are some similarities with your marketing campaign, there are also some differences that you should pay attention to.

Here we’ll map out those differences and highlight what you need to do to have a seamless marketing campaign launch for your new product.

1. Grow your audience

If this is your first product ever, then you’ll need to start an audience-growth campaign. We suggest doing this even before you’re launching your product. This ensures that you have a good amount of brand ambassadors who will likely be interested in your product when you’ve launched it.

Growing your audience can happen in a number of different ways. The most common way to grow an audience is through mailing list sign-up forms on your website. Email marketing still remains one of the highest converting marketing avenues, so getting access to your customer’s email is crucial in consistent communication with them.

2. Create a product landing page

All great e-commerce sites have dedicated product pages for prospective customers to land. On these pages, you’ll find detailed information about the specific product like its description, the inventory, the colors, sizes, etc. This will vary depending on the product, of course.

We also suggest creating the product landing page before you’re launching your product. Here you can pair it will your audience-growth strategy and allow customers to opt-in to learn more information on when your product is available.

3. Optimize your landing page for SEO

SEO is a magic word in the content marketing world. Meaning search engine optimizations, SEO strategies help folks searching on the web find your website and your product. Search engines and where you’re placed on their results page are crucial in optimizing your site. It will ultimately drive more people to your page and if you’ve got a detailed product page, likely earn you customers.

4. Create a marketing campaign

Once your product is ready to launch out into the world, you’ll need to create a marketing campaign across your channels. This includes your email marketing, social, website, PPC ads, and other channels you use to connect with your customers.

A marketing campaign will look different for everyone. If you don’t have a marketing team in-house, we always suggest working with us a Blue Edge Business Solutions, we can help create the assets for your website as well as manage your paid ads, social, and other marketing channels.

If you’re ready to launch your next e-commerce product, we’re here to help! Connect with us for a free consultation and let’s talk about your marketing needs.