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One of the best ways to get your brand noticed online is with Google Adwords online advertising.  The number one search engine, is there anything it can’t do?  That’s why we recommend a Google advertising strategy using carefully a targeted, perfectly aligned Google Adwords PPC campaign. 

Shout it to the Top!

As the best Google Adwords agency, BlueEdge can execute the perfect PPC Adwords campaign for your brand and get it right to the top of page one of Google.  We will get it in front of the right audience, even within a few mile radius of your service.

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Like Magic

For product based branding, we’ll do all the Google research prior to your campaign so your product gets seen by the exact person you’re looking for.  Every time someone searches for your product or service, imagine – a targeted advertising campaign that pops up right before their eyes!  Like magic – except it’s not, it’s very clever marketing that we highly recommend.

How Google Adwords Works

Confused about Google Adwords?  We’ll make it simple.  It is quite simply brilliant and it works for even tight budget businesses.  The bigger your budget the better the reach but if you don’t want to spend much, we work within your spend.

Developed by Google, when you ask us to create your imaginative Google Adwords campaign, our copywriting team devise thoroughly impactful copy that appears when a visitor searches for your product or service.  It is an advert but it appears in a similar way to a search engine listing. 

Pay Per Click

It gets even better…Google Adwords is a Pay Per Click Advertising campaign (PPC).  This means you don’t pay until you get those clicks!  Every time someone clicks on your Google Ad, they immediately get referred to your website, direct to the service or the product they’re looking for.  You pay for that click. 

BlueEdge completely understands the importance of maximizing your budget so our Google Ads agency pricing is excellent.  We carefully monitor campaigns for our clients to make sure you get the best return on investment.  It really does work; you know you want to try it!  For your PPC Campaign Management Services click here to chat to us.

Tell Me the Benefits of Google Adwords

We are proud that we are the best PPC Management Agency and we could talk about Google Adwords all day but we know you’re busy, so we’ll keep it short and sweet.

  • Google Adwords gets you to the top of Google, you will always be seen. Whereas with traditional searching, your website, product or service might be at the bottom of page one or even…page 2 onwards (where you don’t want to be).
  • With Google Adwords you can turn it on or off whenever you want. So, if you’re suddenly inundated (and that’s our aim), you can switch it off.  Or if you want to pause your campaign because you want to concentrate on different marketing, you just switch it off and restart it whenever you’re ready.
  • Your brand gets noticed and stays in mind. It’s clever, targeted marketing that makes sure even if a consumer or customer doesn’t want your product or service “right now”, they’ll remember you for the future.
  • Google Adwords delivers important metrics so we can measure your ad’s performance consistently. We know who clicked on your ad, how many leads it generates, how much traffic you get to your website, the best keywords that generate the most traffic and leads and the cost per lead.  That’s more than other ad campaigns!
  • There’s so much more you can do with Google Ads too, you can get targeted advertising appearing on top of email inboxes, you can even repeat your marketing through banner ads on other online platforms and it’s so intelligent, with certain social media sites, you can link your PPC.

Blue Edge Business Solutions is a certified Google Ads agency.
We are a Digital Marketing agency that specializes in developing an overall marketing strategy that encompasses great Google Ads management, effective Ad campaigns, PPC campaigns and PPC management, paid search, and Google Shopping Campaigns.
Our Pay per Click case studies have always revolved around producing campaigns with a great quality score, and landing pages with quantifiable conversion rates. Best of all, we are an Adwords agency with the most friendly management fee.

Being the best Google Adwords agency & Client Satisfaction are What We Strive For

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to help you with all of your business needs!”
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In summary, here’s what your business could benefit from when you choose BlueEdge Google Adwords Agency to design your Google Adwords campaign:

  • Generate more leads
  • Increase your revenue
  • Sell more products
  • Direct traffic to your website

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Got a question?  Bet we’ve got the answer!

Google AdWords – are they only adverts?

Actually no, an AdWords campaign gives you lots of authority.  It can be used for advertising your location, a banner, remarketing to different people who have already visited your website.  It’s also used on Gmail ads and YouTube – there’s so much possibility.

What’s the difference between Google AdWords and SEO?

Bottom line, SEO takes longer so if you want quick results, we’d recommend an AdWord campaign.  SEO covers your whole website (and more), it gets you to page one for targeted aspects of your business but like AdWords, it can be local, national or even global.  With SEO, you have to make the investment before you see the results.  With an AdWord, you’re charged by Google for each click.

Can’t I just DIY?

Yes – in fact, we’d love you to have tried that!  AdWords can be done by you but we really know how to do AdWords.  It’s about so much more than a bunch of words in an ad.  Plus, it’s always changing and if you measure the wrong metrics, the chances are you won’t understand what’s really going on.  You need analytics set up correctly and you need some other great platforms integrated to extract the right data.  If you don’t set up your AdWords properly, you simply won’t reap the rewards.  A good campaign can make a huge difference – it increases your PPC and it gets you the leads direct onto page.  A poor campaign could mean that no one clicks, no one gets to your product or service and no one is interested.  AdWords is also about using the right brains to execute a fabulous campaign. That’s BlueEdge.  We always think that you should concentrate on what you do best, developing your business and doing the day-to-day, let us do the marketing side because that’s where we excel.

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