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Graphic Design

Graphic design is all-important – as important as your content and your branding because it’s visual so it’s what instantly draws your customers’ eyes.  You need something STAND OUT, which tells your story, using the right colors and the perfect font to match your business’ position.  Whether you want something modern, classical or contemporary – perhaps something with a distinct twist that nobody’s ever attempted, with BlueEdge, your graphic design agency in Savannah, you can feel 100% confident that we’re graphic designers at their very best!

Ingenious Designers

We are the best graphic designers are the definition of creative – they’re so artistic that they continue to blow us away with their out-of-the-box ideas.  Whenever we have a brief, they amaze us with their ingenuity and we’re pretty sure we’re going to knock your socks off!

We Design Anything (and Everything)

So what does BlueEdge graphic design cover?  Well, pretty much anything, we’re the best graphic designers for websites in Savannah, we’re superb at social media and we’ll impress you with our offline services too.  If you need it designed, we’ll get on down and organize it for you.

  • Social Media account design (banners, images, logos etc)
  • Logos
  • Company livery
  • Adverts
  • Online graphics
  • Web graphics
  • Websites
  • Offline graphics (business cards, stationery, posters, flyers, brochures, packaging, POS, booklets and more)



Graphic Design

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Prepare to be WOWED

Design is one of the areas that we’re completely passionate about and we believe, as one of the best graphic design companies, our enthusiasm for perfection really shines through.

If you want to show off your business we’ll do it, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen our outstanding designs on your travels; on packaging, logos, business cards, online and on social media.  Our graphic agency team works for any business too, we don’t specialize.  Whether you’re in the banking world or the world of fashion, you run an educational resource or you’re in a public sector we’re confident we can handle your graphic design.

So don’t waste time considering other graphic design teams choose BlueEdge, we’re one of the best graphic design firms, and know that you’ve made a wise decision. 

How We Roll…

Working with BlueEdge is really easy and we want to be seen as an extension to your team.  Whether you already have a design team in-house and need more help or you don’t and you want someone to get involved in your business, we’ll do that for you.

It starts with a phone call or an email and one of our team will pick up your request.  We take a full brief from you to understand exactly what you need and get to know your business too because we believe a great graphic designer needs to get to grips with who he or she is designing for.  We’ll also conduct thorough research of your competition so we make sure that the end result is streets ahead of anyone else.  Once we’ve discussed your brief between ourselves, we set to work coming up with some standout ideas which we formulate into a presentation.  Then, we schedule a meeting with you to go through our ideas (there are always a few, the problem is deciding which is the best but that’s a nice problem to have!).  Once you’re happy with what we’ve delivered, we translate it onto your required platform whether that’s online or offline.

To date, our clients always come back to us for more and more graphic design, that’s a testimony to our abilities.

Contact us today your free, no-obligation graphic design consultation.


Got a graphic design agency question?  We’ll do our best to answer it here but if you need to know more, contact one of our graphic designers today to chat through your project.

What exactly is graphic design?

Put in simple terms, graphic design is blending images with text to come up with an idea that is visually impressive and communicates your message.

Where can I apply graphic design?

Really, there are no boundaries.  Graphic design is everywhere you look, on food packaging, online, on your social media, outdoors on billboards, business cards, stationery…pretty much everywhere!

What client say about us?

The staff at Blue Edge have a wealth of knowledge and are amazing to
work with, very friendly and professional. I would recommend them to anyone.
Can’t wait to work with them again in the future.

Chaise Archer
‘Champions Training Center’

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