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Video Marketing

We are also a video editing production company and the area is currently exploding in popularity. With more and more businesses using a video editing company as a way to market their products or services – isn’t it time you got on-board too?

Creating a video, of any type, takes remarkable expertise and cutting edge technology, something that BlueEdge is well-known for. Our videos aren’t just any videos, they’re the type of videos that make your customers sit up and take notice!

Our Services

Videos are EXCELLENT for Marketing Purposes

With our clever video editing service in Savannah, we know what it takes to get your message across in a way that tells a mesmerizing story your market won’t forget.

They’re also used as personal mementos, to celebrate milestones in life. Whether you want a video for social media purposes, a music video, a short film, to launch a new product or service or to tell your customers how to use a product – we are the right video editing partner for you!

What Video Can Do For Your Business

We’ve seen what video does for our clients, be one of our success stories!

Grow Your Business

By using a BlueEdge engaging video,you stand out from your competitionand build a loyal customer base

Attract Leads

Videos are a superb way of involving your customer in the sales process. People enjoywatching others use products, love demosand especially engage with influencers whenthey’re on video – we’ll help you do that.

Keep Customers Engaged

If you already have customers usingyour products and services, encouragethem to buy more and do more withyour brand by keeping them engaged.

Communicate Efficiently

Videos are the latest way of communicatingbrief messages to your audience – you need tomeet the demands of new technology and newtrends. Your customers expect you to be at theforefront of your industry, with video you arealways a step ahead.

Keep Your Staff Engaged

Videos aren’t just for customers, they’re also for staff engagement, training needs and for communicating effectively – people watch videos far more than they would reading reams of information on email. That’s another reason why you need it in your business.

Communicate Information Quickly and Effectively

Words are always important but visual content is proving to be more and more effective. Did you know that people watch over a billion hours a day of video through YouTube every day https://www.youtube.com/about/press/? That’s pretty powerful stuff!

Imagine – getting your own message across to millions of people, every day, every hour, every second! That’s just YouTube, videos are everywhere, on TV, social media, on Tick Tock, on Vimeo, on Instagram, Facebook and websites (as well as other channels too).

BlueEdge is one of the best video editing companies and can help you achieve recognition and more with exceptional video editing to showcase your brand, product or service. The opportunities are endless so if you’re not using video, you’re missing out.

What You Can Use Video For?

There’s probably nothing you can’t use video for, the possibilities are endless, the opportunities huge! Using us as your home video editing company is the first step to greater success, here are a few ideas:

  • Marketing your business
  • Social media
  • In-house training
  • Your website
  • E-guides
  • Customer stories and testimonials
  • Instructions
  • Music
  • Short stories
  • Product announcements
  • Milestones
  • Advertising
  • Attracting leads
  • Growing your customer base
  • Influencers
  • & more!

Go Viral with BlueEdge Video Editing

Remember, a video on social media is immediately sharable. With the right type of video content, your video could go viral in minutes! Understanding the type of video content that makes it enticing, exciting and frankly not to be missed is what we’re best at. Want your product or service to go viral?

Then you need BlueEdge right by your side! Let’s create a viral video now, contact us for more.

Video Editing FAQ

Got a question? You might find the answer right here.

This really depends on the length of the total video but expect half an hour for each minute of finished video, so an eight minute video would take eight hours of BlueEdge video expertise to edit it.

You can easily edit your own video but to get it spot on with audio, visual and special effects; isn’t it always better to use a professional?  As digital marketing experts, we know the right ingredients your video needs to succeed and you need those.  Too many people create basic videos using limited ability apps and the result is, well, basic!  To outsmart your competition and to make your video that viral product that you’re looking for, you need an expert.  Bearing in mind that BlueEdge are outstanding at video editing and we’re remarkably affordable, it’s worth having a chat with one of our video editing team to see exactly what we could do for you.  Contact one of the team here.

No.  Not at all, we can compile a video of still images but animate your stills so that they look as if they’re moving.  Lots of video content also combines animation with live photography, you don’t have to have an “action” video and if you’re on a strict budget, sometimes, setting up a collection of stills and breaking it up with words, slogans and animation can actually be visually mind-blowing, especially when it’s done by BlueEdge!

Yes – we can do anything, design a script, use voice over, even get you actors and actresses if required.  Let us know what you want or if you’re not sure, it’s worth chatting through the options and see just how ingenious our creative team is!  You’ll be blown away by our ideas.

Yes!  Just show us what you’ve got and tell us what you want (we might have a few ideas to add too) and we’ll get on with making it sharp and engaging.

Final Results & Client Satisfaction are What We Strive For

Blue Edge Business Solutions is an absolute pleasure to work with!

They were able to understand my goals and objectives in the first meeting and

they’ve executed flawlessly since day 1. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone

looking to increase their bottom line and gain more exposure online.

Kevin Alvarez

ProSolar Systems