Google AdWords – are they only adverts?

Actually no, an AdWords campaign gives you lots of authority. It can be used for advertising your location, a banner, remarketing to different people who have already visited your website. It’s also used on Gmail ads and YouTube – there’s so much possibility.

What’s the difference between Google AdWords and SEO?

Bottom line, SEO takes longer so if you want quick results, we’d recommend an AdWord campaign. SEO covers your whole website (and more), it gets you to page one for targeted aspects of your business but like AdWords, it can be local, national or even global. With SEO, you have to make the investment before you see the results. With an AdWord, you’re charged by Google for each click.

Can’t I just DIY?

Yes – in fact, we’d love you to have tried that! AdWords can be done by you but we really know how to do AdWords. It’s about so much more than a bunch of words in an ad. Plus, it’s always changing and if you measure the wrong metrics, the chances are you won’t understand what’s really going on. You need analytics set up correctly and you need some other great platforms integrated to extract the right data. If you don’t set up your AdWords properly, you simply won’t reap the rewards. A good campaign can make a huge difference – it increases your PPC and it gets you the leads direct onto page. A poor campaign could mean that no one clicks, no one gets to your product or service and no one is interested. AdWords is also about using the right brains to execute a fabulous campaign. That’s BlueEdge. We always think that you should concentrate on what you do best, developing your business and doing the day-to-day, let us do the marketing side because that’s where we excel.

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