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If you’ve got something to shout about – we’ll make sure the message is loud and clear!  BlueEdge are the brand marketing agency experts in Savannah and beyond.  We don’t just give your brand an identity that makes it stand out, we make sure that it’s cutting edge, a market-leader and it leaves your competition out in the cold. No matter how challenging your project; or what sector you’re involved in, when it comes to developing branding, there’s nothing we can’t do.

You Need Strong Branding, You Need BlueEdge

Branding is what sets you apart from others; it’s what your audience resonates with.

We will create your brand from scratch or, if you already have something in existence, we will take your brand and transform it into something instantly recognizable that describes exactly what you do clearly and succinctly. The end result is a brand that instantly connects your product or service to your audience – that’s what we do.  Whether you want to establish a new brand or grow your existing online audience, you need branding firm BlueEdge for outstanding branding, digital design, development and marketing.

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Branding – What We Do

Whether you’ve got a business and you want to update your current branding or you’ve had a brainwave and you need to get your business off the ground – we can brand it.  Small business branding or large business branding –  we’ll work with you, getting to grips with branding your business and then we’ll develop a series of ideas to fit in with what you want.  As a branding agency, we’ll show you proposals with how your new branding could look, and while we don’t want to blow our own trumpet too much, we’re pretty sure you’ll love what we create.

If you need it branded – we’ll make our mark!

  • Logos – we design your own business logo
  • Online
  • Offline
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Web Development
  • Microsites
  • Apps
  • Content Marketing
  • Pretty Much Anything You Ask For
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It Takes a Team of Brilliant BlueEdge Brains!

Our digital brand agency team consists of brilliant brains and big thinkers.  Those brains extend to designers, web developers and marketing/brand specialists who know what they’re talking about.  No matter how challenging, or what sector, when it comes to developing digital brands, we’ll do it and perfectly capture your vision then add our own ingenuity to make it happen.

We’re Designers….

Our team is hugely creative, we think we’ve got the best designers in the business but that’s for you to judge.  Our designers strive for perfection, they want you to be bowled over, to sit back and think WOW, that’s REALLY something else!  So that’s why we often over-deliver, going the extra mile isn’t a problem for us.  Our designers eat, sleep and breathe creativity, and their passion really shines through.

We’re Developers

In today’s crowded marketplace, you need to be one step ahead and the BlueEdge digital development team is top dog!  Our digital branding is eye-popping; it’s inspirational and showcases your new brand so your audience can’t fail to be impressed.

We’re Marketers

Our branding is all about marketing your product or service so we make sure we’re hitting it on the nail.  We research thoroughly because we make sure people will sit up and take notice.  Our branding and marketing team are visionary leaders with a wealth of branding and marketing tactics that guarantees you get something you can’t wait to show off.  Your branding is going to look awesome, from your online presence to your content marketing, your web banners to your email campaigns…there’s nothing we can’t do.

We see ourselves as one of the best branding agencies. If you’re ready to talk to us, we’d love to hear from you, click here for a no-obligation consultation and prepare to be blown away!


Got a question? You might find the answer right here.

What’s the difference between a brand and a logo?

A logo represents your company (it works alongside your name and often has a tagline).  A brand is different.  It’s like your company’s toolkit that keeps all of your marketing aligned.  A good brand gets you noticed and is instantly recognizable.  A logo is an element of your brand.

Why do I need a brand?

You need a brand so your customers instantly recognize your business, without one, you risk disconnect and you might be sending conflicting messages. 

How often should I re-brand?

Big companies usually update their branding every 10 years so they are always “current”.  Trends change and so do brands so it’s a good idea to revamp your brand every now and then to stay in-line with what your customers want and what the competition is doing.

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