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4 Strategies to Improve Your SEO Marketing Tactics

SEO is a buzzword in the marketing industry. If you’re a small or medium-sized business and in need of some organic marketing, then SEO is likely your main focus right now. SEO and SEM strategies are a growing need among marketers. And there’s no better time to focus your strategies and improve your marketing performance and lead generation.

Search engine optimization and marketing are powerful tools in order to grow your organic reach and engagement. Many green marketers think that Google Ads are a surefire way to rank on Google’s Top 10 search results, but this isn’t always the case.

While Google Ads are also powerful tools, throwing money at them doesn’t have to be your only option when displaying on Google’s results page.

Instead, you can invest time and talent into growing your SEO marketing tactics. Here, you can build on existing content and create new resources for your customers and clients to engage with. This will help you rank higher in Google’s search results and position you as a leader in your specific industry.

Let’s dive into the strategies you can start using today to improve your SEO marketing plan.

Conduct Keyword Research with SEO Tools

There are a lot of free tools on the web right now that can help you perform some basic SEO research. Moz Local and SEMRush both offer free options. But their paid subscriptions offer a robust search engine marketing platform.

With tools like this, you can easily research keywords and build content templates, and compare your content with competitors. You’ll be able to gain an edge when it comes to SEO marketing with thorough research and an understanding of keywords that will help you rank when folks use them in search engines.

Incorporate Keywords in Content

After you’ve conducted the keyword research using an SEO marketing tool, you can apply that research and incorporate keywords and keyword phrases into your content. Google isn’t dumb though, they know when an article is riddled with keywords. So use them sparingly and wisely.

Readers don’t want to read your articles and content for the keywords, they want to engage with your content because they searched something and your website is providing them with the answer. Remember this when balancing quality content with keyword implementation.

Add Internal and External Links to Content

Along with incorporating keywords, you should also always incorporate links to your content. Both internal and external.

Internal links help the visitor engage with more of your content and external links help Google know that you’re linking to authority sites that already have traffic. This gives you an advantage and may contribute to your site ranking on a search engine results page.

Work With SEO Pros

If you don’t have the time or capacity to do your own SEO research and implementation, then working with pros like Blue Edge will give you a competitive advantage in your industry. We specialize in helping businesses and brands grow their company.

If you’re ready to take your SEO marketing to the next level, then schedule a free consultation today to get started!