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Optimize Your Email Marketing With These 3 Mailing Lists

How’s your email marketing strategy? Do you feel like there’s room for improvement? Are you sending out blast after blast with little return on the investment? Are people opening but not clicking?

The good news is that there are simple ways you can optimize your email marketing strategy. Content creation is essential for your overall marketing strategy, but not having the right avenues of dissemination could hurt you in the long run.

Many, if not all, marketing platforms offer segmenting capabilities in some form or the other. This is crucial in optimizing your email strategy. If you’re sending out all of the content to all of your customers, it’s likely they’re not all interested in everything.

Here are three simple lists you can start building today to get more people opening, clicking, and converting on your email campaigns.

List 1: General mailing list

This is likely what you already have and who you’re sending your blasts out to. If this is the only list you have, it could be problematic. Sometimes current customers don’t want to hear more about the things they’ve already bought. Sometimes leads just want to know how to try your product without jumping into a full on tutorial.

A general mailing list is essential for business updates and news. In sales, it’s not always the best list to send to for converting leads.

List 2: Current customers

Your current customers are your bread and butter. They are keeping you in business. They need to feel as special as they are to your business. Having a separate email exclusively for your customers could help build brand equity, retain them as lifetime customers, and improve referrals.

Some examples of content for customer-only emails could be referral discounts, customer satisfaction surveys, and overall gratitude emails to remind them how important they are to you.

List 3: Leads

Sometimes leads can feel like chasing a new romantic love. You don’t want to come on too strong, but you want them to know you’re interested in moving this relationship along. Having a list specifically for leads allows you to offer more aggressive deals to close them, without offering it to the full mailing list and missing out on potential revenue.

If you have a form on your website, have those leads automatically entered into their own unique mailing list. You can even add drip campaigns and workflows, which could be a “set it and forget,” nurture system. Need help coming up with more creative ways to convert your leads? We can help with that!

Overall, there are many ways you can start segmenting your email audience to have greater return on investments and conversion rates. These are just three examples, but your business needs may differ. We’d love to talk more about supporting you with your marketing needs.