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3 Strategies To Keep Your Marketing Messages on Trend

Marketing can be a tricky situation. Sometimes a brand is clear and concise. Other times, the mystery takes the wheel on branding. Marketers often have to say the same things over and over…and over again.

“This thing will change your life.”

“This product is amazing because of XYZ.”

“We know you’ll love this because…”

Once you’re in the marketing game for some time, the most mundane marketing messaging begins to all look the same. Our goal as marketers is to recruit and retain customers while boosting brand awareness and engagement. It’s challenging if there’s not a new product to market or anything new, really. Keeping your customers and clients engaged in your brand is key to a successful and sustainable marketing strategy.

But how can we actually keep our brand and marketing messaging creative? How can we stop being so stuck in the “Did You Know?!” and the half-hearted discounting for a quick sale? Well here are three strategies you can use to keep your messaging fresh, creative, and free from the mundane.

1. Keep up with current events and trends.

The quickest way to look stale to your customers is by being so last season. Are you still desperately posting on Facebook every day and not getting any engagement? Well, people actually see that. There’s nothing sadder than going to a brand’s Facebook page and seeing beautiful content with virtually no engagement.

Things like this keep you from being “with the times.” If your target audience is mostly on Facebook, then sure…post away. But investing money in ads may be a more timely action, and it will likely yield a higher return on investment.

2. Get to know what your customers actually want.

Stakeholder interviews may seem like an intimidating task, but sometimes it can be as simple as a quick form to send out to your clients and customer base. Ask them what they’d like to see, what do they want more of? And what are they not loving from you right now? Give them ample opportunity to be a part of the conversation. Invite them to share ideas so they have buy-in and feel included.

This may take a bit of work on your end, but understanding what your customers want to see is key in creating messages and content that resonate with them. Work on a google form or create an email campaign to send out to them. Invite them into the conversation and you’ll be surprised as the creative juices start to flow.

3. Don’t beat a dead horse.

This is a vivid analogy, but an important one. If you’ve tried TikTok, but your base isn’t having it, don’t keep trying to go down the TikTok virality route. It probably isn’t going to work if your customers aren’t on the platform.

Learn from your marketing mishaps and keep moving forward. People are quick to forget things nowadays, so it’s a great time to fail forward and recover fast. This does not mean don’t try. Sometimes being on-trend means throwing spaghetti on the wall and seeing what sticks. This is largely driven by who is marketing and what their strengths are.

But one thing is for sure…your biggest fans and brand ambassadors will stick with you through your failures and your mishaps. So fail onward!