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3 Ways to Boost the Online Presence of Your Business

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that an online presence for your business isn’t optional — it is absolutely necessary. As brick-and-mortar businesses closed during lockdowns, those businesses who had a strong online presence simply pivoted and continued reaching their customers. 

Having an online presence is a way to continue reaching your audience even when normal business operations are interrupted. But in addition, it’s also a way to grow and scale your business in a world where almost everyone is online at least to some degree. 

It doesn’t take much to boost the online presence of your business. Read on to learn more about a few simple ways to become more digitally visible to your customers. 

Connect With Your Audience On Social Media 

Many people have a love/hate relationship with social media. But for the business owner, it’s usually a must-have. It’s important to have a presence on at least a few platforms. Consider your audience and who you’re trying to sell to and research what platforms they spend the most time using. 

Regular social media content allows you to connect with your audience on a consistent and personal level. You can easily showcase products and services and generate leads from social media platforms. Social media marketing like Facebook and Instagram ads are also great ways to find leads and sell online. 

Build Trust & Boost SEO with Blog Content 

Don’t let anyone tell you that blog posts are a marketing tool of the past. They’re still a very valuable piece of any online content marketing strategy. On the one hand, blog content can serve as the framework for the rest of your content. Blog posts can be easily broken up and repurposed into emails, live videos, and social media posts. 

In addition, blog content plays an important role in the search engine optimization of your website. Blog content rich in keywords and optimized for search engines gives search engines more material to index and present in search results for people searching terms related to your industry, product, or service. Blog posts also provide an opportunity for business owners to address important topics, provide free value, and build relationships with their audience. 

Be Seen with Google Ads 

Not only is optimizing your site for search engines important, but so are Google Ads. Google Ads can either be a complete money drain or the key to growing and scaling. Google Ads give you the chance to have your business show up as a “sponsored” search result at the top of the first page of results. Google Ads can have a steep learning curve, but they’re a valuable tool for reaching your target audience. 

Blue Edge Business Solutions & Your Online Presence 

At Blue Edge Business Solutions, we can enhance your online presence using these three strategies. We offer social media management and marketing, content creation and management services, and we’re skilled in SEO and Google Ads. 

Given the pandemic and its impact on brick-and-mortar businesses, the time for growing your online presence is now. Reach out to Blue Edge today to arrange a free consultation and plan for a pandemic-proof online presence in the future!