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3 Ways to Leverage Graphic Design to Grow Your Business

When it comes to how your business looks online, we believe investing in high-quality graphic design provides a high return. You can leverage graphic design for your small business in a few key areas across your company’s assets. Read on to learn more! 

Why does design matter? 

Simply put, design matters because people care about how you present yourself. If the image your business gives off isn’t aesthetically pleasing, this can send messages of unprofessionalism, lack of attention to detail, or low skills. 

Ensuring that your business is well represented visually on the internet and in person is absolutely crucial to conveying to your audience your professionalism, abilities, and the value you provide. 

Graphic design is especially important when it comes to social media, your website, and your brand. 

Social Media 

Social media is where design and images really count. This is especially the case on platforms like Instagram that are heavily image-focused. Well-designed social media graphics that are consistent with your branding help attract new followers, generate leads, and make sales through your social media feed posts as well as paid ads. 

Not only are we skilled in creating and running high-converting social media ads, but we can create graphics that make your posts stand out from the rest. It’s important to create relevant and brand consistent graphics, and we keep both of these aspects in mind when we create social media content for our clients.

Website Design 

It should go without saying that website design is the key to running a successful business when some or all of your clients are using the Internet. Your website is your digital storefront — the place where you can show your expertise, outline your services, and make a strong first impression on your ideal client. 

If your website is poorly designed, confusing, or difficult to navigate, you’ll only end up with a high bounce rate and lots of visitors hitting the “back” button instead of reaching out to you to buy. 

We take the time to craft a website that reflects your message and unique brand. Not only are our websites aesthetically stunning, but they are functional, fast-running, and easy to navigate as well as optimized for search engines. 

Logo + Branding

Sure, you could pay less than $50 for a logo on any number of logo generator sites. But does it truly capture the essence and professionalism of your business? A creative logo is only one part of a strong branding strategy. Branding also involves colors that convey a strong message to your target audience, fonts that you can consistently use across all mediums, and watermarks and other graphics. 

These elements work together to craft a recognizable image for your business. A business whose brand stands out is one that is remembered, recognized, and respected. 

Let Blue Edge enhance the image of your business! 

Blue Edge Business Solutions has a skilled team of designers who have worked with businesses in a wide variety of industries. We’re skilled in website construction and able to craft eye-catching graphics that will help your brand stand out from the crowd. Leverage our graphic design skills for your business and book a free consultation call!