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5 Signs Your Website is Costing You Leads 

Your website should serve as your digital, online storefront. It should paint your organization in the absolute best light, and it should serve to intrigue and entice potential clients to the degree that they reach out to you for more information and become leads, and ideally, clients. If your website is shirking its duties in any way, you’re likely losing out on valuable lead generation and potential clients. 

If your website has an issue with any of the below, it’s likely costing you valuable leads and doing no favors for your business: 

  • Your site traffic is low. If no one can find your website, no one can learn about your business and the good or service you provide. 
  • You don’t make SEO a priority (or you don’t even know what SEO stands for). SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s what helps your website pages rank at the top of search engine results. When a potential client does a Google search for your product or service, you want your business to be one of the very first results they see. 
  • Your pages have too much text. If your pages are too wordy and full of big blocks of text, your site visitors are going to lose interest fast. Too much text means you haven’t nailed down your message to a concise, engaging one that captures attention right away.
  • Visitors are getting lost. Site visitors are going to take their business elsewhere if your website is confusing and makes it impossible to find answers to common questions about what you offer. 
  • Visitors are getting bored. Your site should communicate the passion you have for serving your clients. If it doesn’t, site visitors will pick up on that and look elsewhere for something more engaging.

Blue Edge Business Solutions Can Help! 

If your site meets any of the above, it’s costing you valuable leads that could have turned into clients. Blue Edge Business Solutions offers comprehensive web design and development. Let us help you transform your website from boring to beautiful, from confusing to functional. We can build a functional, easy-to-navigate website that will rank high on search engines to optimize your website’s lead generation. 

Reach out to us and let’s discuss how we can help improve your website!