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The Secret to Writing Blog Titles That Get Views and Increase Your Lead Gen Game

What makes you click on a headline or blog post? Is it the content you’re hoping to find inside? Or is it the captivating headline? Most content creators will argue that it’s the headline that converts people to click. It’s the promise of what inside that drives people to discover your content. When scrolling or perusing various channels, users don’t always know what they want to read. A good headline piques their interest, even if they didn’t know they were interested.

Delivering on that promise is important for bounce rate and engagement, but a good headline is crucial when creating content that helps drive more leads for your business. It’s like drinking a cold beer out of a frosted pint glass over a flimsy dixie cup. It’s the invitation to your content.

Needless to say, it’s important. That’s why using tools like this headline scorecard can help in determining potential impressions of your content’s headline.

Writing a good headline is more of a science than an art. Writers know that writing content is important. The more content on our pages, the more folks stay on our websites and the more our pages get served up in search engine results pages, or SERPs.

So understanding how to write a good headline will help you in your content strategy and hopefully bring more quality leads to your website. Here are things you can do today to increase your headline’s click rate.

Headline length is important.

Contrary to popular belief, headline length is very important. The longer the better. Content creators can rest easy knowing that the longer their headline length, the more likely folks are to click it. This is because it gives them a full context of what to expect when they open the article.

Limit the positive.

Is it any surprise that people click on negative headlines way more than positive ones? We know we’re all asking for more positivity in the news, but the truth is, people are hungry for negative. So limiting the use of positive words could help drive more people to your content.

Unfortunately, there is a balance here. Too much negativity can start to represent you as a brand, which isn’t a good thing. So be aware of your negative words and use them creatively. You can have alarming, context words with a positive spin, like this headline:

After 10 Years Studying Sleep, the U.S. Military Just Revealed Something Eye-Opening About Caffeine”

Try adding a brand or celebrity in the title.

There’s a reason celebrity endorsements are still a thing. They work. Your headline is no exception. Maybe Cardi B. has some similarities with your product or services? Maybe Miley Cyrus’s new outfit can be an inspiration for some content ideas. Either way, brand names, and celebrities help sell. This is no different when driving people to click on a headline.

There are a lot of ways you can get creative with adding celebrities into your content. It doesn’t have to be every headline, but pepper some in and you’re sure to increase your content’s views.

Get creative with your headlines and content. After all, your content is crucial in driving more people to your website and ultimately will help you grow your leads.