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Improve Your Web Copy with These 5 Tips

Web copy, or the text on your website, has the potential to make a good first impression or send your website visitors scrolling and looking for the “back” button. If your web copy is boring or intimidating, you can count on your site visitors not reading it. 

Technique and Empathy

Writing solid web copy takes a bit of technique and putting yourself in your reader’s shoes. Empathize with your reader, and really try to view your site from their perspective. As you’re looking at your audience’s wants and needs, look at your own web copy and consider whether it could be improved with these 5 tips: 

  • Spruce up your “About” page. Your “About” page shouldn’t be a life story — but it also shouldn’t be a few simple sentences from your LinkedIn bio! Your “About” page should tell your audience who you are, what drives you to do the work that you do, and how that passion helps you provide the best service in your industry. Write with concision and passion on this page: it is your opportunity to really connect with your visitor on a personal level and show them why you, specifically, are worth their time and attention. 
  • Break up big blocks of text. The attention spans of readers online are getting shorter and shorter. So when your reader is faced with a big block of text, they just keep scrolling. Break up big blocks of text with bullet points, headers, and images to keep the page visually appealing and avoid losing your readers focus with wordiness. 
  • Make sure your contact information is easily accessible. Your visitors won’t contact you if they have to spend five minutes trying to find your contact information. Place links to your contact page generously throughout your web copy, and make sure your “Contact” page is clearly marked and easily accessible.
  • Write with your audience in mind. You know who you are as a business, but you need to use your web copy to convey to your audience that you have the solution(s) to their problem(s). What is your audience looking for? What are their pain points? Their main objections? Focus on showing clearly, with your web copy, what you offer and why that is of benefit to your audience. 
  • Use SEO wisely. Keywords are important but writing with keywords as your focus is both obvious and distracting. It’s a good method to include pertinent keywords throughout the text and in your headers, but not to an excessive degree. In other words, don’t force keywords to fit in places where they simply don’t sound natural. 

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We at Blue Edge understand that a great website is the key to conveying your message in a way that resonates with your audience. We help clients in a variety of industries with comprehensive web design and development services. Whether you need to clean up your website as it is, make it more functional, or freshen up your web copy, we can help!